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What is Yer Dough?

YER Dough is a gluten-free, non toxic and non allergenic modeling dough safe for all children. It is the leading alternative for children with allergies. Although the exact ingredients are patented and proprietary, we can tell you that YER Dough DOES NOT contain Gluten Wheat flour or products, peanuts/tree nuts, milk or dairy products, borax, latex, kerosene, egg or natural fruit/veggie products. YER Dough is non-allergenic, however children and parents who are allergic to corn, rice, soy or canola may have an allergic reaction to YER Dough.

Our products are 100% made in the U.S.A. The YER Brands production facility is located in Rushville, Indiana, and we source as many of our supplies and raw materials as we can within the state.

YES! YER Dough is non-toxic, gluten-free and vegan friendly! It does not contain any soy, gluten wheat flour, peanuts/tree nuts, milk or dairy products, borax, latex, kerosene, egg, or natural fruit/veggie products.

Yes, YER Dough is non-toxic, however, it is not intended to be consumed or eaten by humans or animals. It may smell great but it’s not much on taste. But it will not harm anyone if ingested.

When we first created YER Dough, it did use soy flour, which gave it the name. But today we have modified the recipe to be inclusive of those with soy intolerance as well and YER Dough is 100% Soy-FREE, non-toxic, gluten-free, and vegan friendly!

YER Dough does NOT contain any fruits. The fun scent comes from alternative scents and NOT from fruits.

If your dough dries out, place a drop of canola oil or water onto your hands. Gently knead into the dough until the dough becomes more pliable. If the dough crystallizes, mildly knead the product until crystals are dissolved.

YES!!! YER Dough works with all modeling dough toys and also can be used with stamps!

YER Dough clean up is easy, even if the mess is big! Simply, remove the larger pieces by hand and allow the remaining dough to dry/harden. Once the dough has hardened, gently scrape to agitate the dough and loosen it from the fibers. Then vacuum or sweep away the remaining product.

You may see our products listed under one of two names currently as we are undergoing a rebranding. We originally named the product Soy-Yer Dough, due to our original gluten-free recipe with soy flour and a similarity to the creator’s name, Sawyer. There was great demand for us to drop soy from the recipe due to other allergies, so we created the soy-free recipe which we have used for the last 8 years. Now we’re bringing our product name up to date without the questions about containing soy.